In Oakland, California, ordinary residents are starting to band together and hire private security as a way to balance the inability of the police to protect them or their belongings. Oakland has one of the highest burglary rates in the country, and residents are realising that they’re having to take the law into their own hands to stay safe. It’s problematic on many levels.

The differences between “Masters” and “Disasters” in marriage. Damn informative reading.

Watch as a thousand robots autonomously create shapes. Frickin’ cool!

A brief look at texting and the internet in film. By Tony Zhou (always insightful always interesting, always worth your time)

Suuuuuper interesting stuff. With many interesting pics.

How a bean becomes a fart. Well! That’s.. umm.. useful?

@CaseyNeistat on #Ferguson. His vids are ALWAYS worth watching.

New satellite will almost double the resolution of global imagery. Amazing stuff.

Did you know the classic comedy AirPlane is actually a remake of a 1957 film called Zero Hour? No, seriously. Here they are, side by side.

Great sex can lead to temporary amnesia? That’s, uhh, good to know. I wonder if that’s every happened to me…

On the use of psychedelics to process and heal trauma

Is Apple leading the charge into a future free from the “fuzz” of poessions? Some kind of minimalist hell hole where everything is discarded and kept in the cloud?

The future of online drug marketing.

When authorities shut down Silk Road last year, it was heralded as the end of online drug sales. They were wrong. It is now estimated to be twice as big as Silk Road ever was.

Airplanes diverted around a thunder storm. Frickin’ cool!