No more excuses: Stop procrastinating and get to work with these tips.

One of the biggest problems you need to solve if you work for yourself is how to make yourself do work.

The best entrepreneurs have figured it out and just pound out the work they need to do.

But many others put off their dream careers, or stay in jobs they don’t like, because they’re afraid to figure this out. Being in a job, or staying in college, means that you have someone else imposing work and deadlines on you, and you’ll get fired (or dropped from school) if you don’t do the work. So you put off doing the work until you can’t anymore because of the fear of being fired.

What does this say about us? It’s saying that we can’t trust ourselves enough to figure out how to motivate ourselves. I know, because I was in this boat for many years. It wasn’t until I started to learn to solve this problem that I found the courage to work for myself.

It’s solvable. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. And you can do it just as much as I can—I’m no superman, trust me. I feel lazy, I procrastinate, I fear failure, just like anyone else. But I’ve learned a few things that work for me.

What works for you will be different, but here are some ideas I use that might help:

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Race in America. Jon Stewart sums up. Hard to talk about, but important.

A guy who hid, undiscovered, in the forest of Maine for almost 30 years. Quietly intriguing.

Drones (UAVs) are starting to really take off as a valuable conservation tool - both in terms of radically reducing costs (not needing to go in by foot - which often requires dozens of people just for the logistics required in an inaccessible area), but also allowing forms of conservation simply not possible before (eg closely examining the tops of tree canopies).

In the USA, police murders are seen as routine. There is intentional, institutionalised subterfuge - neither the police, the government, or journalists want you to know just how many people are being killed by police.

In short? In high density urban areas? It’s mostly black men. In low density areas? It’s mostly the mentally ill. And 96% of all killings are of men.

The only way this information is even known? There’s an open source effort to collate the data. You can help.

What combining hundreds (even thousands) of photographs tells you about our societal comprehensions and tendencies when looking at these common objects (tourists spots, weddings, santa claus)

The US government is in the process of crippling US companies.

Who, elsewhere in the world, is going to want their data on a US company’s servers, if they know the US government can wade through the data with impunity, regardless of where in the world it is?

It’s a very interesting thing watching an empire crumble at high speed. Seemingly insignificant things like this are the ones to watch - the ripple effects will be huge.

No longer simple flapping cranes, origami is becoming increasingly complex, and online videos are helping transmit that knowledge to others in ways that books with their fold lines and static images never could.

Uhh, caption anyone?

"That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share."

Since 2009, ice loss in Greenland has gone up 200%; ice loss in West Antarctica has gone up 300%.

We’ve started up that exponential curve. Soon? The atlantic conveyor stopping, and all hell breaking loose.

Best T-Shirt review ever?

Are elephants conscious (in the way we understand consciousness to be)? Probably, yes.