This little marsupial, when mating season strikes, has sex for three weeks nonstop until it goes blind and drops dead. No, really.

Ho ho ho, the satanists in Oklahoma have decided to play the staunch Christians at their own game. And they look like they’re close to winning.

Building cheese from microbial clusters. No, really.

There are some very interesting, and tricky, concerns with various possible implementations of weaponised robots. Eg, should it be ok for robots to take human lives?

Do NOT read if you haven’t seen the movie. But also, if you haven’t seen it, and you even vaguely like Sci-Fi (or Terry Gilliam films - this isn’t one, but has a similar flavour) GO SEE IT. It’s amazing.

Oh, and if you have seen it, read this. It’s a stimulating collection of thoughts about the movie.

Pets Interrupting Yoga. I don’t know why, but this made me cry with laughter.

Send out thousands of engine-less spacecraft smaller than a penny, using Jupiter as an accelerator.

It’s not just San Francisco. I’ve had exactly the same miserable, expensive experience in London.

Here. Have a Chevy stacking system. Quite ridiculously cool.

A 150 year old argument about a ladder… and all the monkish fist fights that result from it. No, really.

Google has a massive, central AI project called “brain” - it’s.. quite cool.

and how can you calculate, mathematically, what the physical limit is?

The magnetic field is weakening ten times faster than expected. North and South poles could reverse (relatively) soon. Nobody really understands, yet, why this is happening.

Weird Al Jankovich - Foil (Parody of Royals, by Lorde)

A letter to a friend from when he was 22. Intriguing viewpoints.