The rarely seen deer-cat.

Even a 50kg mass does the same flipping maneuver in space.

Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say “penguin” (tee hee)

The internet of things is making ever smarter cities.

US Marines entering Baghdad. “Whatever last shred of humanity I had before I came here, it’s gone.”

The Lionfish can release up to 2 million eggs a year, and spawns every four days. It has no Atlantic predators.

Inspired by a similar policy at Netflix. Could be an interesting shift in global work/life policies.

In 1985 two cosmonauts battled against tremendous odds to save a troubled but successful space station.

A GoPro world - where an experience not recorded isn’t worth having.

Definitely the start of the art in terms of minimal size exoskeletons.

Reasons not to use PHP

Spray on bomb proofing?